“I posses an unsatisfied curiosity, that’s kept busy with enormous interests in innumerable subjects and a relentless enthusiasm for science”

Written by Faisal Khwaileh from Jordan


“A survey of peer-reviewed scientific articles from 2013 finds that only 2 of 10885 reject man-made global warming.” – James L. Powell

Many people think that a scientific consensus refers to a large group of scientists who all agree that something is true. In reality, a scientific consensus is a large body of scientific studies which all agree with and support each other. The agreement among the scientists themselves is simply a by-product of the consistent evidence.

Yet despite the massive amount of empirical, peer-reviewed scientific studies, evidence and consensus, you find people from all the spectrums of society denying man made climate change. Whether it be religious people thinking it’s simply the wrath of god and we should pray it away, conspiracy theorists believing it’s all a ploy and that scientific consensus means scientists agreeing behind closed doors to promote climate change as a cover up for mind altering chemtrails and laughing in an evil fashion. Even US senators for whatever reason they have for denying it or US Presidential Candidate dismissing it as a hoax invented by the Chinese to make US manufacturing non competitive.

What it seems that we have on our hands isn’t an issue of climate-change or global warming denial; but it’s an entire issue of scientific illiteracy and general lack of knowledge on how science and the scientific method works. This is sometime labeled as “Climate change skepticism”, but this isn’t skepticism; healthy scientific skepticism involves questioning claims, investigating them, then embracing the evidence that support it. This on the other hand is denialism which involves questioning claims, then rejecting the evidence if they’re not comfortable with the claim on mere emotional basis.

What we need isn’t particularly more awareness on a certain issue, but more of an entire education process for entire community on science and evidence.

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