Nowadays we face many problems which affect all of us. The problem that I would like to tackle is climate change, which does not only affect a specific area in the world, but the world as a whole.

We, as human beings, have pursued a highly civilized style of life, defined by luxury and easier ways of living throughout history. Many times in the past we did terrible mistakes for the sake of this approach. We could have not predicted the results of human selfishness and seeking personal interests at the expense of life resources on Earth, until we saw these problems appear. Terribly in return, we chose not to care and kept consuming for a long time.

I think it is the responsibility of every single one of us to make a difference, and to be part of the solution. It is most likely that humans can be helpful and offer something good to their region. As an architect, I find myself involved strongly in this issue through my profession.

Architects in general are bound to design buildings to house people’s lives and provide the suitable and comfortable space for their activities. This has a great influence on Earth as a result of this long process of planning and constructing. Here we, architects, must intervene in order to reduce these negative impacts with the least amount of energy used. This can only be done during the early phases of early design phases.

Here in Jordan, we are blessed to have many educated people, although we seem to lack natural resources. However, we can compensate this lack by filling the gaps with knowledge and intellectual awareness. Moreover, every day I see promising passionate people who really want to come up with practical solutions and to think outside the box; but I fear that commercial consuming marketing will lessen their passion for thinking in such a way. Hence, I truly believe in the notion of institutional teamwork. If we collaborate and work as a team of specialists, the sky becomes the only limit for what we are capable of achieving.

Moreover, it is a matter of the mentality of our community which unfortunately is taking a consuming approach rather than a productive one. Here, another point arises in front of the architect. This is to educate customers and put some efforts into convincing them, for instance, that the initial cost for green building today will save them additional costs for electrical and mechanical treatments in the near future.

We should prepare a full prototype of credible systems to provide practical model, besides the blabber, which makes everybody satisfied and convinced in the perception of sustainability.

Written by: Hadeel Qatamin “A fresh graduate architect, who aims to design a peaceful part of the world”

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