Project Description

The two-year project, titled “Empowering Eco-entrepreneurship Start-ups”, or Eco-Hub, is an international project funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. It is realized by Crossing Borders in cooperation with partners from Sweden and Finland. Its main objective is to empower the environmental and social performance among young people who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It does so through a Knowledge Resource Hub for eco-entrepreneurship, facilitating development of creative ideas by providing students with the essential knowledge and skills in the field of eco-enterprise. The project supports and promotes the development of small-scale Eco-entrepreneurial projects initiated by the local youth in the three partnering countries – Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Project initiatives includes:

  • creating key tools and models which will be available online to support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their socially responsible ideas.
  • organizing workshops and trainings for youth, who will be mentored and guided on their quests to solve key socio-economic issues through proactive eco-entrepreneurship.

The project is built up into two phases:

Phase one: preparing the key tools and models that will be used to support aspiring entrepreneurs to develop socially responsible ideas. All partners will share knowledge and good practices and will jointly promote the idea of eco-entrepreneurship as a way to overcome pressing problems such as youth unemployment, environmental issues, inclusions, economic difficulties.

Phase two: selecting young, aspiring eco, social entrepreneurs from the three countries and inviting them to take active part in the The Knowledge Resource Hub based in Humlebæk, Denmark. During that time, they will take part in a series of workshops and trainings, and they will be guided on their quests to solve key socioeconomic issues through proactive eco-entrepreneurship.


Below is the current list of our project newsletters:

Year Published Month Newsletter Link
2017 April – May April-May Newsletter
2017 February – March February-March Newsletter
2017 December2016 – January2017 December2016-January2017
2016 November November 2016 Newsletter

  1. Building Inclusive Society: Everyone Welcome – Istanbul Turkey

    September 11 @ 8:00 am - September 19 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Civil Initiative- Diyarbakir, Turkey

    October 19 @ 8:00 am - October 30 @ 5:00 pm

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