Crossing Borders and its partners invite you to a day filled with exhibitions & updated discussions on Best Practices in young migrant inclusion into the European labour market.

The consortium composed of partners from France, Italy, Malta and Denmark has over the past two years researched into the best approaches to effective inclusion of young migrants into the EU labour market. This has resulted in three main outputs:

a. A migrant inclusion strategy developed by the project partners

b. A Best Practices Guide for young mentors working with migrant inclusion

c. And a policy analysis paper on Inclusion

And now it is time to share these, as well as hear from other actors working within the same sector, what they themselves do and how we can best optimize our efforts, for details press Her

You are welcome to read more about our project at: or at

Join the debate on immigrant inclusion in the labour market:
Friday 3 June 2016  at 9:30 – 17:00
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Meetery Room, Fælledvej 12, 2200 København N

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