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The consumption of meat from cattle raised on pasture is the most important global cause of forest destruction as forests are cleared to make room for both the pasture needed for the cattle itself as well as fields for the production of soya and other feed crops for the cattle. In the process natural habitats are destroyed, the water supply is overexploited and the environment is poisoned.

Where 40 years ago there was rainforest, now 73 million head of cattle graze in the Brazilian Amazon alone. And from 1999 to 2009 the area used for soya cultivation in Brazil increased by 869,880 hectares per year, making the total area under cultivation 21.8 million hectares. 80% of Europe’s soya imports come from South America, mainly from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. In 2012 Brazil exported 11.2 million tons of soya beans. In Europe, the consumption of meat has quadrupled during the last 150 years.

Meatless Monday is a global movement that started in 2003.

It message is simple: Once a week, cut the meat.

The goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15% for personal health as well as the health of the planet. Meatless Monday is now embraced in 28 countries and in 12 different languages. Both private people, schools, restaurants, hospitals and food companies are joining the movement. On the website, you can find recipes to help you stay inspired and motivated to cut meat from your consumption at least once every week.

Universities such as Harvard and Oxford and Roskilde University in Denmark are ambassadors for Meatless Monday, and now Krogerup Folk High School has joined as well:

“One day a week without meat is good for both the environment and the body. As a Folk High School we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food culture. This is why we have chosen to introduce meat free Mondays at Krogerup”, says the principle, Rikke Forchhammer (the quote is translated from Danish).

This means that Crossing Borders Global Studies students in the autumn semester will start their week at Krogerup without meat.

Will you join them?

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