ECO-HUB project: Rework the world through sustainability and entrepreneurship

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In most European countries youth unemployment is a great challenge. In Denmark for instance, 17 % of all young people between 15 and 29 do not study or have a job. With fewer jobs in both the private and public sectors, more young Skandinavian people should be given the opportunity and tools to shape their own lives, and gain knowledge and ambition to aim for becoming an entrepreneur.


logo-eco-hub-webThe field of eco and social entrepreneurship offers great opportunities for several reasons. First it is a very broad and diverse area with both global and local challenges driving new markets. Secondly, this field also seems to have a stronger tradition of openness and collaboration, with resourceful people being more willing to share and collaborate with newcomers.


‘The project eco-hub: Empowering eco-entrepreneurs start-ups is a two-year international project initiated by Crossing Borders in cooperation with partners from Sweden (SWIDEAS) and Finland (Kalevan Lukio). The purpose is to empower young people to change their reality through eco or social entrepreneurship. The project supports and promotes sustainability of small-scale eco-entrepreneurial projects initiated by local youth in the three partnering countries – Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The project is funded by Eramus+.


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Over 100 established eco or social entrepreneurs has been identified in the surrounding regions of the three partner organisations located in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.