Come to dinner with us and be inspired by amazing life stories

Come to Crossing Borders Spisdating Life Stories 2018 with exciting personalities whose stories are uniquely amazing and uplifting.

SpisDating provides an exciting space for people from different backgrounds to share their life stories. We want to enable people to learn from and be inspired by each other’s life experiences through storytelling in a safe, stimulating and inclusive social environment.

The idea stems from the belief that each one of us has unique life stories that are worth sharing and from which we can learn a lot. The idea also resonates with the saying: I tell my story, therefore, I am.


Wanna join us for dinner?

Have a meal with great personalities such as photographers, authors, human right defenders project-developers and so on. Each one of us has different life stories – we want to create a space to share these.

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We will take maximum 25 on a first-come basis. If you are interested and able, sign up by sending an email with the following details to :
Job, name, age and status.