Youth SDGs Awareness through Debate
This is a project that we are implementing in partnership with Open Space Center (OSC) in Uganda. The project runs from 01/07/2017 until 30/08/2018.

About the project:

Our project is about mobilizing young people (youths) in high schools, and the entire high schools’ system to pay more focus on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. We want to do this by:
  1. Raising awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among marginalised young people in rarely reached high schools in central Uganda.
  2. Mobilizing young people, teachers, and schools to play a more active role in working with and monitoring SDGs implementation
  3. Building the capacity – skills of individuals, students, teachers, and schools clubs to engage with SDGs.
The project activities:
  1. Implement 60 in-school trainings in SDGs and debate skills across 10 schools, for 150 students
  2. Facilitate and activate student debate clubs – under which SDGs debates will take place
  3. Facilitate 60 in-school debates on SDGs across 10 schools, where students build knowledge about SDGs & gain debating skills
  4. Implement a 3-day regional youth training camp on SDGs and debate skills, for at least 50 participants from 10 participating schools, as a way of fostering common ground, friendly competition, inter-school students exchange and experience sharing.
  5. Hold a 3-day Training of Trainers workshop for teachers in the 10 participating schools.
  6. Facilitate Teachers clubs in the 10 schools to be actively involved and engaged in entrenching the debate and SDGs concepts in their schools
  7. Implement two (2)inter schools’ teachers’ clubs exchange, as a way of sharing best practices in making the debates and SDGs agenda work in the participating schools
  8. Implement a 3-day inter-schools debate competition on SDGs, where at least 50 young people from the 10 participating schools, actively debate about SDGs, and show that they havelearnt important democratic values/skills in public debate as a tool to influence public policy.
  9. Implement a one-day public SDGs conference/symposium, where at least 30 schools, represented by 60 teachers and at least 150 students are invited to hear about SDGs & their progress, participate in an open SDGs debate session, as well as take part in a mock debate session around SDGs in Uganda and beyond. It is also here the key project outputs will be publicly announced.

Main Project Outputs:


Official full documentary (18 minutes):

Social media & activity pictorials:

Training of Trainers session (Uganda):

SDGs debate camp (Uganda):

SDGs symposium (Uganda):

CB-Open Space Center on Bornholm:

News media:

New Vision newspaper Uganda:


Read more about the project on our partners webpage here:

Project Highlights:

  1. Building Inclusive Society: Everyone Welcome – Istanbul Turkey

    September 11 @ 8:00 am - September 19 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Civil Initiative- Diyarbakir, Turkey

    October 19 @ 8:00 am - October 30 @ 5:00 pm

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