Peace with me – 7 days training course in Romania

The training will take place from 20-28 November, 2021 , in Oradea, Romania

Peace with Me is a 7-day training course which aims to support a network of youth workers that promote a preventive approach on conflicts and violence among their beneficiaries. We see this project as a follow-up initiative which creates added value for the participants in terms of a deeper understanding of violence and a strengthened international cooperation in this field.

The methodology prepared involves three dimensions of the learning process: acquiring knowledge, practical experience and reflective evaluation. Encouraging systemic thinking, the process will propose three perspectives of understanding violence: visualizing its complexity, verbalizing and expressing its complexity, and exploring the reality of the topic in many aspects. Expect to have an intense working week with a wide range of methods, from research-based tasks to fully artistic sessions, guided in a safe learning space.

What you need to know?

  1. The training will be from November 20-28 2021 in Oradea, Romania. 

  2. Travelling costs are covered due to the Erasmus+ KA1 rules: 275 EUR for each non-RO participant. You have to buy your own tickets and we will reimburse you after the training is being completed. Before booking your transportation, please ask for our confirmation. We may not be charged with any travel costs that are not confirmed by us. Given the volatility of the international regulations, please consider flexible or refundable transportation options. Romania is considered a yellow country in terms of COVID-19 protocols, therefore we can accept exclusively participants with valid green certificate.

  3. The project will cover 100% of accommodation and material costs during the training course.

  4. To apply you will need to become CB members, pay membership and pay 500 DKK for administrative fees.

  5. To apply, you have to be living in Denmark

Objective of this training:

• Equipping 24 youth workers with relevant competences for understanding and preventing the occurrence of interpersonal conflicts generated by abusive and violent behavioral patterns;
• Incorporating in the participants’ work a preventive approach against violence manifestations by creating a personalized plan to fit each organization; 

• A better understanding for the participants of the principles and benefits of using holistic facilitation as a working principle;

• Strengthen the cooperation between the partner organizations by creating an international network of youth workers motivated to initiate new actions connected with this topic.

How the training will look like?

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