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Action Hub is an open space in the heart of Copenhagen that works to empower young people to become the drivers of change. Our vision is to support young people for them to engage in meaningful work towards building an active, creative, and aware society.

At Action Hub you will be a part of a community of 30 young people between 17 – 30 years old who want to make a difference and who share a common vision and motivation. In our shared space, you will work with others to turn your best ideas and passion into action that creates a tangible change and meaning in society. 

By enrolling in the Hub’s four-month program, you will be given the tools, support, and network to create and implement an Action Project. During the four-months, Action Hub will host weekly training sessions that will provide a combination of lectures, workshops, mentorship, and networking, alongside a community dinner to kick off each evening. Each training session will be different from the last, building on the momentum of the previous week and the needs of each Action Project. While you will be required to sign up for one particular course, all activities will be open to everyone so that you will be able to decide what suits your Action Project best as it progresses. 

A 10,000 kroner grant will be provided for each team (3-5 people) to implement their Action Project. Teams will be formed in the second and third week of the program and training sessions will take place every Tuesday from 17:00-21:00, with dinner provided from September to December.

Action Project: 3-5 people, 1 great idea, 10,000 kroner 

Course Descriptions

This subject line will equip you with the theoretical and practical tools you need to build a more just world for people of all genders and sexualities. With this course, you will gain the knowledge and capacity to create an Action Project that makes real change regarding gender and society. Throughout the course, you will learn about how gender and sexuality intersect with race, migration status, the environment, media, and public health. The focus will be on the challenges people of diverse genders/sexualities face at these different intersections and how gender/sexuality plays into solutions for some of the world’s most urgent problems. Join us!

In this course, you will engage with the global trends related to forced migration, border securitization, and racism. You will gain the tools and knowledge to change this situation and eradicate racial and nationalistic barriers within society. There will be a focus both on how these issues manifest at the global level but also how they affect the daily lives of people here in Denmark. You will learn about the legal, social, economic, and political challenges that all kinds of immigrants face in Denmark and across Europe, including issues of police brutality and discrimination within the legal system. Through this course, you will have the opportunity to get out into the field and visit the detention camps and interact with people who live this reality. 

We have moved past the question of whether we find ourselves in an ecological and climate emergency or not, and onto the question of how we fix it. However, in an increasingly globalized world, finding solutions to the most global issue of all, can feel difficult and distant.

In this course, we will bring this topic down to earth, and bring you with us. On this descent, we will together explore concrete solutions on how to take action, and create a real difference in our own lives, our local environment, and the world.

During the course, you will get the opportunity to meet real-life climate activist and green entrepreneurs, and be able to listen to the story of how they, in a variety of ways, found meaning and passion on their path to create a change in the way we treat our beautiful, blue planet. We will also discuss common dilemmas facing environmental activists, successful cases and ways to address the environmental challenges of our time – both locally and globally.

How to Apply

We are still taking applications for our autumn semester (Sep-Dec, 2020). You can apply in one of three different ways. Either by text, video, or audio. We will review all applications, regardless of format, by the same standard. Apply now to become one of our 30 Action Hub talents by sending your application to Applications must be submitted before September 8, 2020.


Write a text no longer than 2.500 characters (including spacing) and send us the document in a PDF-format.


Record yourself for no longer than 5 minutes answering the four questions below. Upload it to a video streaming service (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and send us the link.


Record yourself for no longer than 7 minutes answering the four questions below. Upload it to an audio streaming service (like,, or and send us a link of the recording.

The application should, regardless of format, answer the following four questions:

  • Why do you want to be a part of Action Hub?
  • Which of the three lines are you most passionate about – and why?
  • Describe something you have done that you are really proud of.
  • What is your favorite childhood book/movie – and why?

You can choose yourself in which order to answer the questions and how much energy to spend on each question.

In person Interview

contact us via Facebook, Instagram or E-mail to set a time where you can meet us and apply in person.  

Partner Descriptions



Crossing Borders (CB) is a Copenhagen-based organization that works to build unity in diversity, create space for dialogue in society, and promote global citizenship across borders. At CB, we believe that young people are the greatest force we have for creating a better world. We work towards this mission through international projects across the globe, local events, school workshops, and the Global Studies course at Nordfyns Højskole.




TransAktion is a Trans-lead organization that offers free counselling to trans people, by trans people, conducts workshops, seminars, debates and lectures across Denmark to enhance the public’s understanding of the challenges trans people face, and promotes the rights of trans people. All of our work is conducted in a depathologizing, devicitimizing, norm-critical and intersectional way. Our definition of trans broad and includes anyone and everyone who identifies anywhere along the trans spectrum, including those who identify as non-binary, agender, bigender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, two-spirit and all those inbetween and beyond these limited terms and categories, and those who are questioning. 

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Skraldejagt is a community of trashure pirates dedicated to changing our relationship to trash. We organize monthly pick-up sessions, where volunteers make a game of finding the rarest, most valuable, and downright bizarre examples of trash lying in Copenhagen’s green areas. With this playful approach, Skraldejagt offers a chance to change mindsets, spread awareness, and sustainable activity for a Sunday afternoon.

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Trampoline House is an organization working for the sustainable, democratic and socially beneficial integration of refugees and asylum seekers. Trampoline House believes that every individual has something valuable to contribute to society. Through job training and education, democratic praxis, counseling, legal help, and community building, Trampoline House helps people find meaning in their lives in Denmark and bring out the best in society. 

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The Tuborg Foundation supports young people and youth communities. The foundation wish to strenghten young people’s ability to develop new ideas, engagement and activeness to develop our society for a sustainable future.

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