Crossing Borders Photo Contest 2020 – Winning Photo

On the 18th of October, Crossing Borders will be 21 years old and we will celebrate our birthday by launching a photo contest! The theme is “Crossing Borders”, so we want to know what you understand by crossing borders, both physically, mentally and culturally. Most importantly, we want to see how you present that in a photo! 

We are very honored to have the great photographers Jacob Holdt, Kannan P Samy and Ulrik Teisner on the panel to decide on the winning photo. The winning photo will get: 

– 5000 DKK in cash 
– Free Crossing Borders Membership for a whole year
– The photo published on our Social Media Platforms 

The deadline for the photo contest was the 15th of October at 11:00 and, on our Birthday (18th October), the winner will be announced on our website and social media with comments from our brilliant judge panel.

Congratulations to Hannah Aurora Almstrup for winning the Crossing Borders Photo Contest 2020 with this photo:

The last embrace

Kaho and Caroline giving each other the last hug before Kaho travels back to her other home 12.000 kilometers away. Trying not to think about the distance between Denmark and Japan. Trying to prolong their stay in “Danpan” – their own little world somewhere in-between Denmark & Japan. During their 5 months as neighbors they crossed borders everyday, developed their own language and created ever-lasting memories together.

Comments from the jury: 

Jacob Holdt: The intensity of the hug, shows us the huge distance soon to take place between the two. In that sense we’re also introduced to the long journey they’ve both been on. As humans the distance between us, often equals both the closeness we share Crossing Borders– and the cost for others to pay – in their case shown in the 2.43 tons of CO2 their short Copenhagen-Tokyo friendship left as a gift for the world’s poor to pay afterwards.

Kannan P. Samy: ”Human emotions and values are not constrained to ‘borders’ but are universal and transcends across space that we are yet to understand.”

Ulrik Teisner: “It is a nice photo. It certainly speaks by itself and it does tell about Crossing Borders.”

What do you think of this photo?

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