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Young people deserve to be heard.
As the climate becomes more and more unstable, it is young people who have the most at stake. That’s why it’s more important than ever that youth come together, raise their voices and empower themselves to become agents of change at every level. For this to happen, the gap between young people and decision makers need to be bridged so that youth can more fully participate in processes of decision making and policy making that will define their futures. Through the activities described below, this project aims to do exactly that: to put young people and decision makers in dialogue about the issues that matter most within the European context.

If you want to build your knowledge on European climate politics, if you want your ideas to reach decision makers across Europe, if you want the opportunity to make direct policy suggestions to the people in power, then look no further! Join us in the Youth Voices virtual exchange.
Activities Schedule

The virtual exchange will consist of 3 days, with participants joining from Greece, Portugal, Romania and Denmark. The first two days are all about exchanging ideas, learning together, and building our capacity to understand, engage and act. The third day will be our Youth Voices on Climate Change Panel Debate, where we will be joined by 8 panelists from across Europe to debate and discuss European level climate policy. You will have the opportunity to meet in Zoom breakout rooms with the panelist of your choice to ask questions, share ideas, and make direct suggestions. All activities will take place online. Please see the detailed schedule on the next page.

Know more about the schedule and apply:


Dec 04 - 06 2020


All Day
Crossing Borders


Crossing Borders

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