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Food For Thought

Food For Thought provides an exciting space for people from different backgrounds to share their life stories. We want to enable people to learn from and be inspired by each other’s life experiences through storytelling in a safe, stimulating and inclusive social environment, with a delicious dinners.


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The Concept

The idea stems from the belief that each one of us has a unique life story that’s worth sharing and from which we can learn a lot. The idea also resonates with the saying: I tell my story, therefore, I am.

This flagship is more necessary now than ever before, as many European communities are struggling with integrating and facilitating the newcomers to their societies. They are struggling to help those newly arrived migrants and refugees to settle and feel safe and comfortable in their respective societies. These processes are ongoing and are reflective of a steep uphill climb as negative social and political narratives remain dominant in the mainstream media. Therefore, it is up to us – civil society and engaged citizens to challenge these narratives by bringing people together rather than standing idly by and letting them be separated.

Wall of fame

Previous speakers at Food For Thought


Alex Sabour

Creative Director and Strategist

Sofie Jama

Danish writer and Debater of Somali Origin

Natasha Al-Hariri

Director of DFUNK and Human Rights activist

Dr. Deborah Dunsire

CEO of a Global Medical Corporation Lundbeck

Yasmin Abdel-Hak

Human Rights Lawyer and founder of Global Migrations and Politics

Mille Rode

General Secretary of the Danish part of the writer's organization PEN

Previous speakers at Food For Thought


Dr. Phaedria Marie St. Hilaire

Science Business Leader

Dr. Samay Hamed

Regional Representative and Senior Consultant

Franciska Rosenkilde

leader of the Green Alternative political party in Denmark

Jeannette Ehlers

Copenhagen-based artist

Previous speakers at Food For Thought


Jan Grarup

Award-winning war photographer

Carsten Jensen

Danish author, journalist, and adjunct professor

Dr. Samay Hamed

Regional Representative and Senior Consultant

Dennis Dalgaard

Art Photographer

Alex Sabour

Creative Director and Founder at Gorilla

Ehab Gamal

Youth Leader from Egypt

Bonnoir Trio

Afro-Jazz Music Band

Previous speakers at Food For Thought


Jacob Holdt

Author, Photographer & lecturer

Bent Melchior

Former chief rabbi of Denmark

Carriene Rendbo


Lasse Johansson

Founder of “Connected Dreams”

Nanna Sine Munnecke

Co-funder of Voltwomen

Monk Owen

Director, Mahasala Parahita School

John Jørgensen

Founder of Fiskerlussing

Sana Mahin Doost

Danish Union of Students

Celine Faty


Ron Da Costa

Prison teacher

Edicio Dela Torre

Scholar & priest

Rita Tisdall

Project Coordinator at ATOS

Previous speakers at Food For Thought


Sherin KhanKan

Author & Imam

Claudia Adeath


Khalid Albaih


Lesley Ann Brown

Writer and Poet

Lori Webb

Entrepreneur & Author

Rikke Rønholt

Enterpreneur & Athlete

Julliette Estrella Lloren

Project Coordinator

Dada Krsnasevananda

Buddhist munk

Shana Baban


Octave Hirwa


Jacob Holdt

Author, Photographer & lecturer