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A partnership between Crossing Borders and CanopyLAB

CanopyLAB has presented Crossing Borders with an exciting opportunity to digitize our wealth of educational content. We see non-formal education as crucial to creating spaces for dialogue in societies across the world and, in light of this, our mission is to spread non-formal education and dialogue throughout the digital world too! We were motivated to work with the LAB by their use of SDG 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Working with CanopyLab is a fantastic opportunity to help achieve our mission and empower people digitally! 


Recently released Courses

Localizing the SDGs

Learn all about the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as well as the importance of localizing them through a variety of different materials.

Lead Now, Learn How: Leadership for Youth

This is a practical guide for young leaders to take responsibility for creating a more peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and democratic world around us.

Breaking the culture of silence

This course contains a list of workshop activities, games and songs, specifically designed to work with groups from multicultural backgrounds.

Conflict and Communication

This course is all about communication, from the significance of communication during conflict to non-violent communication and cultural representation!

For Members Only

Nordic Welfare Model Module

In this course, you'll get the chance to learn what the Nordic welfare model actually is and whether these are really the happiest countries in the world. You'll also get a close look at the history of the Danish Højskole tradition – an interesting aspect of Nordic societies.

Migrant and Refugee Aspects of Life

Why is it so important to understand migrant and refugee aspects of life? In Europe and across the world, the refugee situation has been widely debated and still is being now. There is a lot of media attention and misunderstandings around this issue, which we hope to help clarify while opening space for discussion and reflection. This course explores refugee and migrant aspects of life