A Partnership between Crossing Borders and CanopyLAB

CanopyLAB has presented Crossing Borders with an exciting opportunity to digitize our wealth of educational content. We see non-formal education as crucial to creating spaces for dialogue in society across the world and in light of this, our mission is to spread non-formal education and dialogue throughout the digital world too! We are motivated to work with the LAB by their use of SDG 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Working with CanopyLab is a fantastic opportunity to help achieve our mission and adapt Crossing Borders through digitalization.

Quick look at the CanopyLab concept

Our Online Courses 

So far Crossing Borders has released two interactive courses on the LAB:

  1. A manual for youth leadership: Lead Now, Learn How: Leadership for Youth This course is already being used by another LAB NGO partner, Red Road Foundation, in their girls’ education program in Cambodia.
  2. We have also created a guide to activism inspired, by the work of Crossing Borders itself and the workbook titled Breaking the Culture of Silence, a list of activities for working with people from multicultural backgrounds.

This collaboration is by no means set to stop here! Right now, we’re working on a digitized version of our Crossing Borders Global Studies, a program designed for internationals to attend at Crossing Borders International College.