January 1st 2019 – December 30th 2020


Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN)


Purpose of the project is to achieve the most fair and inclusive cross-cutting development, which is the overriding goal of the SDGs. The goal is to meet the needs of the deprived and most marginalized people, according to “Right to Communicate”, which is the most effective if it is based on their own communication resources. Participatory Community Radio is just such a resource, and therefore an effective path towards achieving the world goals. Our project’s overall objective is to facilitate that Community Radio and its rights to public airwaves is recognized, validated and maximized as a major and indispensable public resource, especially for the most disadvantaged communities, towards the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals or Global agenda 2030.


The 23 Community Radio Stations that would directly implement the Strategic Delivery component span a multiplicity of ethnic groups which have at least 20,000 listeners each. Thus, the goal is targeting about 460,000 people within the project. Two people from the staff of the 23 CRs, one woman and one man for affirmative action, so a total of 46 members; up to 4 field assistants (youths & other categories) from each of the 23 CRs that will provide voluntary support along the way, 92 field assistants in total; several CSOs that fall under the Coalition for Transparency of the Airwaves (CoTA); The Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly Chief Executives (MMDCEs) involved; the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly Members (MMDCAs) involved.


Sustainability; Active Citizenship; Social Inclusion


SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals