Rekindling Creativity:
Empowering Artists in the Post-COVID Era

Although the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be over, the consequences of the long lockdown and isolation are still visible in our society. In particular, the creative sector is one of the most influenced by the COVID19 pandemic because of the unexpected and substantial loss of income, particularly for the weakest players. This sector incorporates major worldwide entities with stable economical incomes, yet numerous little organizations and independent amateurs and professionals fundamental to the sector could face serious economic loss if not bankruptcy. This crisis creates a structural threat to the survival of many firms and workers in cultural and creative production.

Some cultural and creative sectors, such as online content platforms, have benefitted from the expanded interest in cultural content streaming during the lockdown, however, the advantages from this additional interest have generally gathered to the biggest firms in the business. Cultural and creative sectors are to a great extent made of miniature firms, non-profit organizations, and creative professionals, frequently working on the edges of monetary maintainability. Leaving behind the weaker part of the sector could cause irremediable financial and social harm. 

About the Project

The PHOENIX project will address the above challenges and will help young amateurs, freelancers, and non-profit youth associations from the creativity sector to get back on their feet.

We will do so by readapting crowdfunding, digital content creation and community reporting to be used to link young artists to their communities and gain support from them.

In the following months, we will develop an e-learning course on how to use the above methodologies to spark again the creativity sectors. Then, we will create an interactive virtual map, where young participants will be able to advertise their art and get support from local communities.

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