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  • Crossing Borders and the South African Embassy in Denmark Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Ambassador Zindzi N. Mandela

We Will Go On! 

CB20 – Thank you for celebrating with us!  

We are humbled and thankful that CB20 welcomed some 250-300 people from all walks of life, generations, cultures, professions and creeds. This celebration of Crossing Borders’ 20th anniversary was a reminder that we are both part of and responsible for the wellbeing of the world and that we must warmly welcome people from everywhere, just as we are welcome everywhere else.  

In celebrating CB20, we promoted unity in diversity, intercultural communication and international exchange in realizing our common humanity and mutual dependency in a global community. This celebration offered a unique opportunity for the CB national coordinators and alumni from across the globe to reunite and share life experiences. We united people who wish for and cherish a globalized world—in which diversity is celebrated as an asset—to join the CB community of global citizens. 

The event was in collaboration with the Cinemateket of the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen, which provided the space for the celebration. It was comprised of speeches, songs, debates, dance, films, slam poetry, highlights of CB work and other achievements. Crossing Borders’ Patron, HE Ambassador Zindzi Mandela (the daughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela) and CB Life Ambassador of Goodwill bestselling author Sara Omar, celebrated with us, sharing their thoughts through brilliant speeches.  

Thank you for your support and solidarity and to the amazing CB team who again proved the power and beauty of diversity and teamwork and that together we can do it better. We also wish to thank and show our gratitude towards Cinemateket, for their great cooperation in opening their doors for us to share the celebration, as well as the speakers who took their time to make it such a brilliant celebration. 

Thanks also to Susanne Gargiulo for her great coordination of the program and moderating the day and all who contributed to making this event happen: the flower providers, Stalks and Roots, Fiolblomster, Kultorvets Blomster, the coffee providers, Impact Roasters and Nordhavn Coffee Roasters, the D.J and the amazing chefs! 

Find videos and speeches from the event on our Youtube page

You can also find more pictures from the event by Henrik Helweg here  


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