Dialogic platform. Immersive Curriculum. Sustainable Change.

Inviting all civic leaders, organizational leaders, thought leaders, educators, and social change agents to join a comprehensive online learning platform with six immersive sessions over six consecutive weeks starting on March 30, 2021. 



Crossing Borders is partnering with The Global Institute to offer a dialogic professional development platform on Allyship for Equity in Diversity for Danish and other Scandinavian civic leaders, educators, organizational leaders, thought leaders, and social change agents. The course will provide an intensive framework, using impactful models of engagement, will provide participants with appropriate language and tools to engage in constructive dialogue and sustainable action.
Many of us are witnessing well-intentioned individuals wanting to address inequities and wanting to engage thoughtfully in conversations and debates about social injustices, but are unsure of how to engage in the sphere in a meaningful manner. It may be because we are unable to understand the intricate frameworks within which these inequalities are thriving or how they might be contributing to the inequalities and injustices all around us. 
The Global Institute has developed a comprehensive Allyship Program, with an immersive curriculum, for constructive and sustainable Allyship upon which participants can thoughtfully explore and understand social inequities in our society and how to proactively address them or to have a meaningful dialogue about it. The six modules of the program are listed below. 



● Exploring the self” and the interaction of the self” with the social frameworks  
● Diagnosis of systemic discrimination, implicit bias, and constructs of inequity  
● Examining privilege, stereotyping, body supremacy, generational trauma, and intercultural encounters  
● The practice of cultural competency through didactic experiences  
● Understanding and honing dialogic skills for meaningful dialogue and action
● Understanding frameworks for allyship and honing specific skills for engagement as allies. 


Facilitated by Noël Bonam

Noël Bonam is the Founder and Global Head of The Global Institute worldwide. He is also the Main UN Representative of the Association for World Education at the United Nations, New York, Geneva, and Vienna. Previously, he was the Director for the Bureau of Multicultural Affairs for the State of Maine and he served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Institute for Civic Leadership. He has years of experience as a cross-cultural educator and social change agent. He has taught or lectured at reputed academic institutions such as Harvard University, Kerala University, University of Southern Maine, Osmania University, Dartmouth College, Colby College, Maine Dartmouth Residency, etc, He is a bi-culturalist who was born in Hyderabad, India, and has lived in many different parts of the world.

The Global Institute
The Global Institute is a social change organization, based in the United States with operational hubs and partners in Denmark, Egypt and Germany,  specializing in global leadership development, sustainable equity development, and strategic facilitation of social development initiatives. The Global Institute is committed to building movements and organizations that engage sustainable practices in a very thoughtful and strategic manner. 
While the organization works on projects and with clients from across the world, its commitment remains consistent while honoring and celebrating local approaches and cultural practices. Its team consists of experienced consultants from across the world. It engages local partners and consultants in every project that needs local expertise. This approach makes the organization an inclusive one that succeeds repeatedly in the diverse projects that it gets involved in. The Global Institute takes pride in being a nimble organization with inclusive practices especially in cross-cultural organizational capacity development that it specializes in. Its projects range from short-term consulting contracts to long-term systems change initiatives. 

Practical Information
This online course will provide six immersive sessions over six consecutive weeks. Each session is between 2.0 to 2.5 hours long (starting on March 30) and will be hosted on Zoom. The dates would be 
Tuesday, March 30 (1600 – 1800 CET)
Tuesday, April 06 (1600 – 1800 CET)
Tuesday, April 13 (1600 – 1800 CET)
Tuesday, April 20 (1600 – 1800 CET)
Tuesday, April 27 (1600 – 1800 CET)
Tuesday, May 4 (1600 – 1800 CET)
There is no age limit to the program, however, it would be appropriate for adults with professional experience as leaders, educators and/or social change agents who are interested in engaging in a comprehensive platform for Allyship
After registration and paying the course fee, we will communicate with you to confirm your registration and provide further practical information and details including links and materials that will be used in the course. 

Registration Deadline:
Please register by March 25, 2021

Cancelation Policy: 
All cancelation before March 25, 2021 will be fully refunded. 
Any cancellations after March 25, 2021 will not be refunded. 
Contact us if you have any questions.