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Crossing Borders (CB) workshops aim to bring the world into your school and your school out into the world. This is accomplished through workshops focused on themes and current global issues such as Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 pandemic, SDGs, climate change, migration, resurgence of populism, global conflicts hotspots, etc. 

These efforts are facilitated by deploying holistic and tailored approaches to the needs, levels, and available time of the learners. Finally, this is all made possible by our enthusiastic, fresh, and playful youth facilitators from across the world.

 In this way, your pupils and students can meet the world inside their classrooms and on their playgrounds. For shortcuts to the minds, we also offer food from the countries and regions our staff and volunteers come from.

What makes Crossing Borders workshops unique?

♥ They are authentic as the facilitators come from different continents and countries with different ages, professions, and experiences, including project coordinators, migrants, refugees, asylum- seekers, interns, youth, and ex-pat volunteers. In other words, they are a living part of the stories and have direct experience on the workshop topics.

♥ The workshops are inspired by methods used in the Danish ‘Højskole’, the European Council’s Compass human rights-based compendium, CB Breaking the Culture of Silence Activities Book, forum theatre, and various gaming and action learning methods.

♥ The workshop topics are continuously updated to include emerging global issues such as Black Lives Matter,  Climate  Strike,  the  challenges  presented  by  COVID-19,  and  the  possibility  of  a  new outbreak.

♥ They provide opportunities to connect your school and students with other fellow students and schools where CB has projects, such as Africa, Caucasus, and the Middle East.

♥ The holistic approach provides relevant knowledge and a deeper understanding for taking effective and responsible actions both at the local and global levels.

♥ The workshops build on the learning goals of the Danish Ministry of Education.

♥ They are flexible in relation to scheduling, meaning the workshops are tailored to the specific availability of the schools. Whether they last hours, a half-day, a whole day, or several days, schools are always prioritized and accommodated.

♥ They are adaptable to the educational level of students, in that for primary school children, we use creativity, storytelling, and gaming methods whereas for 7th grade onward, we combine presentations, forum theatre, group works, debates, simulation games, and role-play.

♥ They enhance listening, speaking, writing, debating, and public speaking skills in English.

♥ The workshops give the possibility of taking part in CB youth exchange in Denmark and abroad through our Erasmus plus mobility projects.

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When your school becomes a member at Crossing Borders you get discounts on each workshop you do in a year. We offer a yearly membership of 1000kr. To know more and become a member please contact aisha@crossingborders.dk

NB! All transport within a radius of 60 km from our office inCopenhagen is included in the price. If the transport is longer, transport and any accommodation costs for our teachers will beadded to the price.

Full-day Workshop


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To learn more about our prices and what does it include please contact aisha@crossingborders.dk 

NB! All transport within a radius of 60 km from our office inCopenhagen is included in the price. If the transport is longer, transport and any accommodation costs for our teachers will beadded to the price.

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To book your workshop, and find available time, please get in touch with our School Service Coordinator on aisha@crossingborders.dk and/or our School Service assistant on evan@crossingborders.dk