On an annual basis Crossing Borders runs 10-15 international projects, always under a Human Rights based approach. The implementation of these projects is done with local partners within Europe, West & East Africa and the Middle East. Below are some of the projects we are currently running and projects that have recently been concluded.

On-going Projects

The SDGs in reality – Uganda, mentoring youth leaders to domesticate the SDGs

Reinforce EU Economies, Reinforcing Human Capital – Funded by Erasmus+ KA2

Youth Drama, Media & Storytelling for Developing Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Peace Lens: Creation of New Generation of Peace Promoters

Pedagogical Approaches for Enhanced Social Inclusion in the Classrooms

Youth Ambassadors of Peace in the Eastern Europe
and Caucasus regions

SDGs Participatory Community Radio

Across the North: Our stories of migration

Eurospectives 2.0

Vet opportunities for migrants and refugees

European Dialogue for Active Citizenship - EDACate

Previous Projects

Localizing The Promise

IVOTE - Zimbabwe

My Story, Your Story,
Our Story

Youth Climate Ambassadors - Explore Uganda

Youth SDGs Awareness through Debate - Uganda

Maritme Labour Management Seminar-Denmark

Youth for Peace – Zambia

BOEMI - Building Our Employment skills through Music Investigations and New Media

Young Diplomats for Peace and Dialogue in Denmark, Ukraine and Georgia

Youth to Youth (Y2Y)- Debates on the Refugee Crisis

Keeping the Promise

FETE From Expats to Experts