At the Crossing Borders General Assembly at Ubuntu House in CPH on 29th November 2016, CB elected a new Board comprising of Vibeke Quaade (Denmark), Nina Dadalauri (Georgia), Kirsten Bruun (Denmark), Mozhdeh Ghasemiyani (Kurdistan/Denmark), Mogens Houe (Denmark), Rea Hoberg (Finland), Lorena Torres (Ecuador), Ulrik Teisner (Denmark) and Moussa Coulibaly (Mauritania) as substitute.

Garba Diallo

Director & Facilitator

I have lived and studied for many years in the Middle East (Qatar), West Africa (Mauritania) and Scandinavia (Norway and Denmark). Thanks to this lifelong learning, I have grown into a true citizen of the world with deep roots in Africa with branches spanning the globe. I develop ideas, enable and facilitate educational activities and dialogue focusing on the key dimensions of globalization: global institutions, conflict management and transformation, media awareness and the climate challenges as a solution to the cross-cutting issues of our time. I enable and coordinate Crossing Borders Global Studies at Krogerup College. Along with this, I also work as the founding Director of Crossing Borders CB. My core regional focuses are Africa and the Middle East. Other personal interests include writing, travelling, photography and meeting new people and experiencing new places and approaches.


Andrew Julius Bende

 International Project Coordinator

I joined Crossing Borders because of the organization’s commitment to diversity and social justice, and since I believe in concepts of society, openness and fairness, I know it is a good choice. Career wise, Social Worker - is the word that describes me best. I thrive best with supporting people in my work. I am good at administrative office work, strategic planning, subsequent project execution and direct social or technical support for a given audience. The most important thing for me is that human beings are at the center, even if I do not have direct contact with them. On a personal level, I am a positive and open person, who meets the world with objectivity and eagerness to learn new things. I am a practical person, who quickly falls into place, and likes to complete tasks quickly. I am committed and focused, good at working independently as well as in teams, where I appreciate the sense of collegiality.

Katarzyna Tarasiewicz

International Project Coordinator

As a Master student in Development and Global Refugee Studies, I am profoundly interested in prospects for long-term solutions, which I think come along with education about civic responsibility and social impacts. That is why I have been focusing on activities, which aim to encourage young people to take initiative, and become involved in their local environments. Due to my background in communications, I also believe that improvements can mainly be achieved through collective work where every voice can be heard, and for that reason I chose to join the Crossing Borders team, which offers the opportunity for dialogue and exchange of ideas.


Mia Toftdal Olesen

Mia Toftdahl Olesen

International Project Coordinator

With a background in international development and community work, I am deeply passionate about building dialogue and understanding across cultures. Supporting and engaging youth in becoming active citizens with a curiosity towards the people and the world around them, is especially what motivates and excites me to be a part of this global community at Crossing Borders. I have worked in several different countries around the world over the past six years, most recently in New York City where I worked with building leadership and community building programs for young immigrant women from around the world. The connections, confidence and support that these young women built among each other, is just one example of how our differences become our advantage. At Crossing Borders, I support the coordination of our school workshops and the development of new projects for building dialogue and collaboration between Danes, asylum seekers, and refugees.



  1. Garba Diallo, (Global) Director
  2. Andrew Bende (Uganda), Administration and International Programs Coordinator
  3. Pia Klee, (DK) Organizational Development
  4. Mia Toftdahl Olesen (DK), International Project Coordinator
  5. Aase Christensen (DK), Accountant
  6. Sofie Kamper (DK), volunteer
  7. Simon Ntwari (Burundi), Graphic Designer- volunteer
  8. Hira Sameer Ahmed (Pakistan), volunteer, graphic design
  9. Chloé, Social Media, Intern (France)
  10. Simon Ntwari, Graphic Designer (Burundi)
  11. Sinduja Akarapu, Web Developer, volunteer
  12. Kevin Adeya, Intern Web developer, Intern (Kenya)


  1. Vibeke Quaade, chairperson, Communication Adviser UNDP – Uganda.
  2. Nina Dadalauri, vice chairperson – (Founding Partner of Peruse Company).
  3. Mozhdeh Ghasemiyani - Psychologist and human rights activist at Doctors Without Borders
  4. Rea Hoberg - former UN Officer
  5. Mogens Houe (former vice president of Dong)
  6. Kirsten Bruun (Head of Global Class, Flakkebjerg Efterskole)
  7. Lorena Torres (Communication and Advocacy Associate, International Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims)
  8. Ulrik Teisner, substitute
  9. Moussa Coulibaly, substitute


Dr. Mariano Davies, President and CEO for the British Chamber of Commerce, Denmark
Dr. Morten Kjærum, Director at Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights, Sweden
Ms. Fatiha Thiam, Founding CEO, Guide Catch
Mr. Jacob Holdt, American Pictures
Ms. Gunvor Krongman, CEO, the Cultural Centre for Finland and Sweden,Finland
Mr. Herbert Pundik, Senior commentator, Politiken, Denmark
Mr. John Philip Lerche, Researcher, Denmark
Mr. Jesper Alstrøm, former Leader of school in reality in Fredensborg Kommune
Mrs. Else Hammerich, Danish Center for Conflict Resolution
Mr. Martin Selsøe, Politiken’s correspondent in Turkey
Dr. Mu’ayyad Mehyar, Programme director, UN Human Rights Commission, Qatar
Mr. Søren Søndersprup, OECD Mission in Ukraine
Mr. Jakob Erle, Director, International Academy for Education and Democracy


Mr. Garba Diallo, Principal Facilitator and Trainer
Mr. Andrew Julius Bende, Principal Facilitator and Trainer
Mr. Marcus Vrecer, International Trainer
Mr. Max Fras, International Trainer
Ms. Vera Maeder, International Trainer
Mr. Giogi Aronia, International Trainer
Mr. Antonis Triantafyllakis, International Trainer
Ms. Giulia Ferrante, Youth Facilitator
Mr. Gedro Kobane, Youth Facilitator
Mr.Daniel Jarzynski, Youth Facilitator
Ms. Kasia Tarasiewicz, Intern