The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international and inter-governmental organisation that promotes intercultural dialogue and cooperation between the people and cultures of the Euro Mediterranean region, in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation. 

Founded in 2004 with headquarters inaugurated in 2005 in Alexandria (Egypt) and coordinators & management staff based across more than 40 countries, the Anna Lindh Foundation is the first common institution for dialogue co-created by the European Union and its Mediterranean Partner countries. 


The Anna Lindh Foundation focuses its intercultural action around three pillars:  

Empowering Young Voices

We empower young voices by providing platforms and partnering with young people to build together more open, inclusive and resilient communities.

Influencing Policy Makers

We introduce impactful research on international policymaking and provide a unique understanding of conflict dynamics through opinion leadership.

Leading a Movement

Our network aims to bring together and inspire other civil societies and multiplying our impact in that way.

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The Danish National Network

The Danish National Network reflects the mission and values of the ALF, as well as the diversity of civil society. It works across various fields, including intercultural relations, heritage, religion, research, human rights, democracy and community development, arts, youth and education, gender, environment and sustainable development, and media.

In other words, the purpose of the Danish National Network is to ensure the visibility of the ALF in Denmark. It aims to inform, mobilize, and bring interested civil society, public, academic, and cultural institutions, as well as individuals, together to foster dialogue, exchange, and cooperation on Euromed issues.

As the head of the Danish Network, Crossing Borders focuses on the following:

- Creating conducive spaces for Euromed intercultural meetings and dialogues

- Reactivating former members and recruiting new ones.

- Promoting the respective interests and activities of Danish members.

- Organizing cultural events for the general public.

- Sharing information, updates, and opportunities with our members.

- Communicating and collaborating with other national networks.

- Maintaining regular contact and coordination with the ALF Secretariat.


If you want to join the Danish ALF Network, complete the online application form for membership