About the Project:

Crossing Borders has embarked on an exciting new adventure called Youth For Ukraine. We are aiming to create a meaningful and sustainable community for Ukrainian youth in Denmark.


In June 2023 10 Ukrainian youth together with project-coordinator Carl Damm made their first event in Denmark in Amager Bio. The goal was to inspire Danish people with new perspectives on Ukraine and to share their dreams for the future of Ukraine. The event featured music, dance, design, art and dialogues.  The purpose of the event was to give voice and expression to Ukrainian youth in Denmark. During the project the Ukrainian youth were trained in project-leadership and project-design to build capacity for leading the lives they want in Denmark and the future they see for Ukraine.


The Ukrainian Youth Program:

Building on this initiative Crossing Borders is creating a Ukrainian Youth Program consisting of 3 initiatives to help Ukrainian youth in Denmark. The purpose of the Ukrainian Youth Program is to create a meaningful and sustainable community for Ukrainian youth in Denmark. We want them to help rebuild their communities when they return to Ukraine.

The first out of 3 initiatives is the Youth For Ukraine event the 2nd of December 2023 from 10:00-17:00 at Bevar Ukraine in Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen. The event brings Ukrainian and Danish youth together to learn from and mutually inspire one another. Some 50 Ukrainian and Danish youth aged 16-30 will join from all over the country. The program focuses on the needs and interests of the Ukrainian youth and on possible projects they can do together with Danish youth organizations and results in a SoMe network for the future work. The event is a partnership with Bevar Ukraine, the largest humanitarian organization for Ukraine in Denmark. It is sponsored by Tuborg Fondet and BUPL Solidaritets – og Kulturfond.

The second initiative is a 3-day innovation camp at Ungdomsøen (The Youth Island) near Copenhagen. Here the participants will work on the development of concrete projects that Ukrainian and Danish youth can do to address some of the most pressing issues facing them as Ukrainian youth today.

This is followed up by a whole year program with a capacity building component.

Partner Organizations:


Project coordinator for Crossing Borders Ukrainian Youth Program is Carl Damm.
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