EU Program

Through the EU program, we establish strategic partnerships with other organizations around Europe. Funded by the EU, and together with our partners, we develop projects that work with youth and youth workers to tackle issues like social inclusion, social entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, dialogues, and peacebuilding.

Ongoing Projects

Growing Green Communities

The Growing Green Communities project aims to cultivate empirical insights into the potential impact of participatory, community-based initiatives within urban areas. Specifically, the project investigates their role in mitigating the environmental footprint associated with food production and consumption. By promoting a plant-based lifestyle, fostering shorter food supply chains, and curbing food waste, the initiative seeks to outline effective strategies for reducing environmental strain.

Food For Change

Through "Food for Change," we empower young people post-pandemic by using food as a catalyst for intercultural dialogue. We foster community and civic engagement, transcending borders of race, gender, and socio-economic class. Our training and dialogue dinners promote tolerance, inclusion, and diversity to prevent radicalization and discrimination among youth, strengthening relevant organizations' capacity to work with young individuals.

Earth Heroes 2030

The project aims to promote environmental citizenship among students, teachers, and the wider community, which involves developing a sense of responsibility and consciousness about the environment and understanding the impact of our activities and choices on the ecosystem. To address this priority, the project proposes to provide schools with the necessary tools and resources to teach environmental citizenship effectively.


This project aims to empower young minds with knowledge about sustainable food systems, inspire consumption change, and promote healthy eating. It also aims to foster youth employment in the food industry and build connections with local stakeholders. Our diverse work packages include crafting a training toolkit, launching an interactive platform with a game, organizing local activities, and running a campaign related to project goals and outcomes.

Rights Hero

This project aims to develop knowledge and active participation of children by creating various activities such as an online 3D game which will present the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child in an innovative and entertaining way.


INCLUDATE project aims to promote the development of migrant associations in Europe by generating mutual learning opportunities and supporting public actors in their access to and exchanges with migrant communities.

ACCT - Anti-racism and Civic Courage Training

Anti-racism and Civic Courage Training (ACCT) is a transnational project focusing on the decrease of discrimination, including multi-dimensional discrimination and racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance. The partners also aim at combating discrimination, hate crime & hate speech across the EU.


EDCyber aims to promote European digital citizenship in young people through the development of a new method called “cyberanimation”.

BRAND Project

The BRAND project aims to raise awareness among young people on the social and environmental consequences of fast fashion and to empower them to make more eco-friendly fashion choices to create a greener and more sustainable fashion future.

EFIVOS in Europe

EFIVOS in Europe aims to provide the youth with journalist skills to enhance the engagement and active participation of young people in the democratic and civic life of the European Union. Through the active involvement of disadvantaged youth in creating media content about the main issues in the European agenda, the project also aims to gather individuals’ opinions through a bottom-up approach.

PHOENIX - Revitalization of the creative sector

The PHOENIX project addresses the above challenges and helps young amateurs, freelancers, and non-profit youth associations from the creativity sector to get back on their feet. We do so by readapting crowdfunding, digital content creation, and community reporting to be used to link young artists to their communities and gain support from them.

DAR- Digital Awareness and Resilience

Today, young people's social lives thrive online, but they lack guidance to navigate the digital world. Cyber-bullying, identity theft, and other dangers cause anxiety and digital addiction. The Digital Awareness and Resilience project empowers youth with knowledge and resilience, addressing societal health challenges arising from their online actions.

Completed Project Archives

MigranTour Project

Migrantour is a European solidarity project whose main goal is to show the richness of cultural diversity in Europe. Through intercultural walks, guides from the migration community will tell the story of the city from their perspective. Migrant-driven, Copenhagen Migrantour addresses the multiculturalism of the city. It helps connect people born in Copenhagen, migrant citizens and tourists to each other and to the city while empowering migrant citizens.

GREENday project

The GREENday project aims to encourage to youth who have a green start-up dream. It helps youth to develop their business, marketing and networking skills with a focus on creating start-ups that aim to solve some of the big environmental concerns our world is facing today. GREENday involves a series of trainings, workshops, guides and resources for youth as they embark on their environmentally impactful start-up journey.

Design Thinking Strategies Project

The project aims to integrate arts and creativity to develop digital skills among target groups by the means of innovative practices in a digital era, in an era when distance learning becomes the “new normal” in education and youth work.


CONTINUE supports young people suffering from social exclusion to tackle the specific challenges of post-COVID times in terms of staying connected and integrated into European communities.


Increasing the impact, outreach and dissemination capabilities within European Adult Education

PISH Project

Problem-Based Learning, Intercultural Communications and STEM in Higher Education


Preventing hate speech and cyber bullying

Eurospectives 2.0

A project that combines the art of telling stories with the use of a variety of multimedia tools

Prospects in the Peripheries

This project aims to counter uneven development which increasingly marginalises the peripheral regions across Europe


European Dialogue for Active Citizenship


Pedagogical Approaches for Enhanced Social Inclusion in the Classroom


Youth Drama, Media & Storytelling for Developing Cultural Heritage And Tourism


Fostering Adult Migrant Entrepreneurial Training and Qualification


Foster Social Inclusion


Dialogue in Adult Education