Youth participation, Community Mobilisation and Women empowerment

Where do we work

Ongoing Projects

Localising the SDGs

The project's objective is to foster greater understanding and community engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals at a grassroots level within Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia. Additionally, it aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices and insights among these nations, promoting effective approaches to sustainable development.

Women Empowerment in Local Development in India

This project's primary objective is to identify women eager to inspire positive change in their lives and society. It aims to empower them by providing training as community leaders, enabling them to effectively address women's issues at the village level through specialized Women Leadership Schools (WLS).

Green Eco-Lab

The project focuses on empowering young people in secondary schools and communities to adapt to climate-related challenges. The Green Eco Labs will act as a learning tool, that will inspire and engage people to take action and experiment using various practical methods

Learning Spaces for SDG 4

This project in Nigeria will enhance learning outcomes, empower educators, and advocate for vital education reforms, all in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). We do this by creating accessible Learning Spaces (LS) for 90 pupils who've actively participated in CISU-funded Capacity Strengthening workshops for Changemakers.

Amplifying Localisation of the SDGs

The project aims to empower youth with skills to address unemployment challenges and nurture sustainable entrepreneurship. By aligning with Uganda's Vision 2040 and bridging gaps between national policies and local action, this project strives to pioneer effective SDG localization strategies.

Youth Promoting Peace and Political Tolerance in Zimbabwe (II)

Expanding upon our first project, this second project part incorporates art, music and peace building practices among other methods to reach a wider scope of youth and women in Zimbabwe, to create more inclusive governance processes and youth engagement.

SDGs Ambassadors - Engagement Project

A two year project partnered with 100% for the children and Promentum, which connects 8th grade classes in Danish schools to long-lasting development work in African countries. The students and teachers use the SDGs to learn whilst also having a friendship school in an African country to consult about their local context and needs!

Armenia Meeting Point

A transformative project aimed at strengthening civil society, fostering civic organizing, and promoting democratic values in Armenia. We aim to create a positive impact that will lead to more civic society- media collaboration as well as other actors and create open dialogue in an innovative way through the meeting point.

Democracy Debate Hub

Building on our past collaboration in the 2018-2020 Youth Ambassadors for Peace initiative, this project aims to empower more Moldovan youth by fostering awareness, democratic thinking, debate and listening skills, and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges with peers from diverse regions and backgrounds within Moldova.

Completed Project Archives

Youth Promoting Peace and Tolerance in Zimbabwean Politics (I)

This project focuses on youth engagement and boosting democratic participation to create more youth participation and involvement in Zimbabwean politics. Breaking barriers for genuine youth inclusion and helps initiative pro-youth policy in political discourse.

Enhanced Citizen Participation Through Sustainable Community Radio Stations

This project strengthens the technical capacities of six community radio stations in Zimbabwe to act as civic community actors that broadcast about important topics such as human rights awareness, democracy and governance- including elections and community development.

Civic Contribution to Strengthening Accountable Governance

Creating capacity building and knowledge sharing on the use of digital tools by CSOs and youth movements in Zambia. Facilitating collaboration and encouraging digitally driven advocacy for improved transparency and accountable governance.

Kyiv Democracy Hubs

The Democracy Hub in Kyiv centers around promoting democratic values in areas such as politics, human rights, independent media, ecology and active citizenship for Ukrainian youth. This is a debate platform where youth share their arguments and opinions on these subjects, creating politically active youth.

Democracy Hubs Ukraine

Expanding on the previous project, we include the same concept of the Democracy Hub to 4 other regions in Ukraine! The core activities include training courses, seminars, workshops and debate camps. The project also strengthens Danish-Ukrainian partnerships in relevant fields.

Youth 4 Democracy

Focuses on building on the already existing solid foundation of empowering youth in Georgia, this project enhances the ability of youth by providing new tools and cross-collaborations with local government, youth workers and departments leading to better government practices.

Capacity Strengthening for Changemakers

Targeting the goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals- Quality Education, this project comprised of a 3 days’ workshop in Copenhagen facilitated by Crossing Borders, to equip the staff of Teach the Child Initiative tools to improve learning outcomes in public education institutions in Nigeria.

Empowering Girls Dialogue

Empowered Girls Dialogue is a project focused on developing leadership skills and helping marginalized Moroccan teen girls who can become changemakers in their own communities. The project aims to help them acquire the values to be active political participants and advocates for their future.