“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

At Crossing Borders, we go together. And as a member, you become part of our global commitment to connect people across cultures, to bridge differences with dialogue, and to build a new generation of active citizens. 

Over the past 20 years our family has expanded its reach across the globe. And for all of our fun and enjoyable differences we have one thing in common; A deep passion to inspire and empower young people to become the change they want to see.  

We would love for you to join us in that mission. In fact, we need you. Sign up here, or please stop by and meet us! You will usually find us (all 20+ different nationalities) toiling away at the wonderful Ubuntu house in the heart of Copenhagen.  

At the moment, we work across Africa, Europe and the caucuses

  • We work on empowering young people to become the change they want to see. From creating activists to social entrepreneurs, we work on different projects in different countries in Africa, Europe, and the caucuses to build the capacity of young people using different methods to advocate for a cause that will make a change in their local area.  
  • We run school workshops using non-formal education methods. With an international team coming from different parts of the world, we form what we call the School Workshops. We go to schools in Denmark and run workshops with the students using non-formal educational methods to bring global issues into the classroom.  
  • We work on putting the knowledge and the experiences we gain through our work into curriculums and courses. Some of our projects are aiming to create a database where we share smart practices with our partners around the world and make it accessible for educators, youth workers, and other NGOs around us. Besides that, we also work with a partnership with Canopy Lab on creating online courses on many different topics, from Localizing the SDGs to communication and conflict management. The course’s content created by very experienced people and members of Crossing Borders.
  • Finally, you are helping us to keep the CB family going, by making it possible for us to have our Ubuntu house in the heart of Copenhagen where we meet from more than 20 different nationalities to achieve our mission.

Please join us and become a member today! 

Standard Membership

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As a member of Crossing Borders, you get: 

CB membership gives you full access to CB events in Copenhagen. We have a wide range of events happening at CB in our Ubuntu house in the heart of Copenhagen. Food For Thought is Crossing Borders flagship, through your membership, you will also have a free entry for all the Food For Thoughts events. Know more about Food For Thought.

Through the experiences you gain as a CB member, you’ll become more self-aware about your passions and values and you will find yourself in the process. We give priority to our members for attendance at our training sessions and workshops, to travel abroad with our youth exchange programs and also for all of our Crossing Borders internships, where you can see what it’s like to be part of such an international team and gain vital experience.

You won’t only broaden your horizon with CB membership, but your knowledge too! We have a wealth of educational resources and online courses that are free to all Crossing Borders members, giving them the chance to open themselves up to a world of informal education. With invitations to attend more than 800 meetings each year, bringing together members, outside experts, government officials, and other stakeholders and access to training programs and workshops, your access to new information will be massively increased with our membership. As a member, you will also get priority on all of these opportunities.

With CB, you will get a chance to build your network with interesting people and become more familiar with the NGO scene in Copenhagen and internationally. It gives you a chance to meet the globe locally, and meet people with similar goals to you. This can also increase your job prospects within the NGO or with the institutions that our NGO work with. This field attracts some of the most passionate and interesting people from every industry. Many professionals who have dedicated their lives to the non-profit sector have lived and worked all over the world, and thus have a unique worldview to share. Through our variety of free events and the chance to engage with our advisory board and broader network around the world, you can network with some of the most interesting people around!

At Crossing Borders, we want to show you what we are doing and also allow you to engage. That’s why we send out a monthly newsletter with updates on our project results, reports, guides, and the latest articles from our blog. We want you to contribute to our projects by sharing your ideas, thoughts, and articles to be published on our blog.

Last but not least, Crossing Borders is a democratic and non-hierarchal organization; we want you to contribute to our global family with your ideas and let us know how we can do better. With CB membership, you can play an active part in our NGO and become an active citizen yourself!

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