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About our Membership 

As a member, you contribute to our mission of empowering young people around the world to take leadership for a positive change socially, economically, and politically. Your modest contribution goes a long way, enabling us to execute impactful projects locally in Denmark, throughout Europe, and also on a global scale! 

Joining Crossing Borders isn’t just about membership; it’s about becoming part of something extraordinary. As a valued member of the CB family, you’ll experience exclusive benefits that elevate your engagement and make a lasting impact. 

Membership Benefits


Discounted access to our monthly flagship event, 'Food for Thought' storing telling with dinner


20% discount on purchasing Impact Roaster Coffee


10% discount on purchasing HumanAid Wine


Exclusive access to informative education and training programs both in Denmark and abroad


Networking and community building with like-minded, impact-driven individuals


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Membership Prices

Youth Yearly Membership

(under 30 years)

DKK 75 Year

Standard Yearly Membership

DKK 200 Year

Family Yearly Membership

DKK 300 Year