Youth, SDGs & Debate – Sierra Leone

This project seeks to mobilize and enable young people from Senior High Schools in Sierra Leone to debate and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda in their schools and communities.

Under our project in Sierra Leone, we have designed the MUN to work along with the topics of the Sustainable Development Goals. We are working with 17 schools, where they will learn closely about the 17 SDGs.

In each school, we are hosting in-schools debates and discussions about SDGs based on the MUN model. It means that within each school, the participating students will form groups that represent the different SDGs and then follow the MUN model to debate and discuss them – both learning more about the SDGs and at the same time gaining skills and methods in other areas around the SDGs.

In addition, each of the 17 schools is allocated an SDG they debate about/defending whenever there are inter-schools’ debates. These interschools debates will also follow the MUN model where then the participants will both gain the advantages of the model but also gain in-depth researched knowledge and engagements about each SDG as presented by the different schools