Ayush Saini – My motivation to become Crossing Borders Coordinator is to apply the concept and method of the organization to help alleviate some of the many challenges young people face in India. Although India is one of the fastest-growing nations in the world, also it faces a lot of real-world problems like poverty, environmental issues, corruption and also gender discrimination. I hope with the values of the Crossing Borders I can help in fighting these problems in my country and also help in making India a much more progressive nation. 

My vision for Crossing Borders in India is that I strongly believe using the CB values and intentions to mobilize and empower young people to take action and tackle the problems around them. Through CB I hope to bring a change in the modern thinking of the society in both the global north and the global south. With the help of CB I wish to reduce the gaps among the between the various cultural and economic sections of the society to make it a better world for everyone.