Milcah Abasabyona – Currently, I am a master’s student at Aarhus University-Denmark, pursuing Anthropology of Education and Globalization. Growing up, I had always imagined and fantasized about a world as a global whole. Where people shall cease to look at each other as separate individuals by scrutinizing their existing differences but rather embrace diversity and shared humanity. 

The first time I attended a CB organized event at Ubuntu house in Copenhagen made me realize that my childhood dream was possible, that there were other people who had a similar dream. I came face to face with people who not only dreamt but had lived the dream such as Mr. Garba Diallo and this is where I drew my motivation to join Crossing Borders. 

I see CB as a space to bring together people from all walks of life especially the youth to a realization that attaining a happy and peaceful world is a mutual obligation. Therefore, I offer myself as a CB focal person for Uganda and would like to be part of the process to finding solutions to the global challenges affecting the youth.