Empowerment, Action, Meaningful Connection

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Empowerment, Action, Meaningful Connection

We work for a fairer and more sustainable world. We do that by empowering young people around the world to take leadership for a positive change socially, economically, and politically.

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We run projects in Denmark and around the world

Zindzi N. Mandela

The Late Patron of Crossing Borders

“My support of Crossing Borders is motivated by the fact that Crossing Borders’ vision, mission, programmes and methods resonate with the principles of the African Philosophy of Ubuntu. According to Ubuntu, our humanity is mutually interdependent regardless of cultural, geographical and religious differences. Our motto is UNITY in DIVERSITY!”

Sara Omar

Our Goodwill Life Ambassador

“I am honoured to be the Life Goodwill Ambassador for Crossing Borders because what CB is doing, for the youth and the younger generation, is what I ask the rest of the world to do”