Youth Voices: We are shapers, not listeners Youth Exchange in Denmark

Youth Shapers: Localizing the SDGs


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

General info:

“Youth Shapers: Localizing the SDGs” is an ERASMUS+ funded Youth Exchange project on the topics of sustainability, the SDGs and democratic participation among young people. It has been moved to an online/offline format to ensure safety of participants.

LOCATION: Ubuntu House, Købmagergade 43, 1150, København; onlineDATES: The program will take place over three consecutive weekends: November 20-22, 27-28; December 4-6
PARTICIPANTS: Each partner country will gather 7 participants between the ages of 18-30, for a total of 35 participants in the project
COUNTRIES: Portugal, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark
LANGUAGE: The language of the exchange will be English
1. Provide space for solutions-oriented dialogue on climate change and climate policy among European youth
2. Equip youth with the tools to participate in the democratic decision making processes by enhancing skills such as advocacy, political literacy, dialogue and debate
3. Facilitate youth in crafting climate policy suggestions or campaigns that can be used during the “national meetings” phase of the Youth Voices project

Activities & Methods:

This exchange will use an online/offline format for all activities. This means that each day, there will be a general theme and overall learning objective, that each partner country will use to plan that day’s activities. For example, while we in Denmark will participate in Skraldejagt (trash clean up in Copenhagen) on December 5th, our Portuguese partners will participate in a beach clean up of their local area, while Romanian participants will visit a local landfill site. At the beginning and end of each local, in-person activity, all participants will have an online check in to share learning experiences and reflections about the day. On 4 out of the 8 days of the exchange, there will be longer online-sessions (lasting no more than 2.5 hours), in which participants from different countries will discuss relevant topics and get to know each other through online games and activities.

This project will take a hands-on approach to as many activities as possible, working on the philosophy that life experience is the best teacher. Therefore, we will be visiting locations, meeting interesting people, and doing the work of taking care of our local environment throughout the project. Online, we will use a non-formal, discussion based approach to learning, including group work, games, mixed media, plenary discussion and more.


All applicants must have a strong interest in the environment and sustainability issues. Please send a letter or email to sharing a bit about yourself and detailing why you would like to be part of the exchange.


At the Youth Exchange, all participants will be expected to be present at all activities. It is important to remember that the idea of a youth exchange is that it should be by youth, for youth. Therefore, participants will be asked to give input on activities and help create an exchange that is fun and meaningful for all. Participants should expect to meet people of different backgrounds and should come with an open heart and mind.

All activities are free to participate in and all transportation costs are included. If activities overlap with meal times, food will be provided.

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