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Training Course: Bio Construction towards personal & sustainable development

General Information:

We are looking for 3 people to apply now for 5 days training course in San Carles de Peralta, Ibiza, Spain on Bio construction towards personal and sustainable development. 

Important Notes:

1- The training will happen from May 17- 21, 2021. It is recommended that you arrive on the 16th and leave on the 22nd so you don’t miss any of the days.

2- Travel tickets will be fully recovered up to 360€. You have to buy your own tickets and we will reimburse you after the training is being completed. 

3- Accommodation and food will be fully covered. However, you need to bring your own tent and sleeping stuff that makes you comfortable. read below for more information. 

4- To participate, you have to pay only 500 DKK for administrative fees. (Unless you are already a Crossing Borders member)

5- To apply, you have to be living in Denmark.

Below you can find more information on this training. 

The objectives of the Bio Construction training are based on ecocentrism instead of anthropocentrism, an alternative perception of reality to which we aim to introduce youth workers via non-formal education focusing on permaculture principles and definitions. This approach aims to provide the participants with theoretical and practical tools to introduce ecological regenerative actions in everyday life, in the small habits that in the long term create a great change. The training will cover the following topics and be enriched by practical activities and reflection and sharing session: 

DAY 1 

Introduction to bio construction and traditional techniques of earth and straw. Soil analysis and practical exercises to understand the triphasic nature of the land (liquid, plastic and solid) and its application in different construction systems. 

Practice: Making mixtures of soil for lightened quincha and for traditional quincha (thatch). 


 Morning: Theoretical talk about the different types of quincha (thatch). Practice: preparation of supports for the later filling of “quinchas”: 

  1. Placing the rolled thatch on wooden studs. 
  2. Placing whole reeds for the traditional “quincha” on vertical posts. 
  3. Preparation of mixture for lightened. 
  4. Preparation of mud and straw mixture for traditional “quincha”. 

Afternoon: Exchange of groups and start of filling “quinchas”. 

DAY 3 

Morning: Theoretical talk on the construction techniques of formwork straw and rolled straw. 

Practice in groups. Preparation of supports and formwork: 

  1. Carrying out the rolled straw technique on whole canes and wall placement. 
  2. Preparation of the mixture of straw with clay for formwork and placement in the formwork molds. 

Afternoon: Group exchange. 


Morning: Theoretical talk. Lime cycle. Types of lime and its uses in heritage conservation. 


  1. Analysis and cleaning of stone walls to restore. 
  2. Carrying out different types of thick lime mortars for rendering. 
  3. Grouting of the stone with lime. 
  4. Application of lime plaster. 
  5. Continuation of wall lifting. 

Afternoon: Group exchange. 

DAY 5 

Morning: Theoretical talk. Soil plasters, natural additives, types of supports, and natural claw layers. 

Practice in groups: 

  1. Preparation and application of thick plaster mixtures on quinchas (thatch). 
  2. Possibility of making embedded shelves or other base decorative elements. 

Afternoon: Time to closing work and say goodbye of the course.  


Accommodation and food will be fully covered. However, you need to bring your own tent and sleeping stuff that makes you comfortable. read below for more infomration. 

This workshop will take place in the food forest of Asociación de Permacultura At Can Pulit in Asociacion de Permacultura de las Islas Pitiusas farming project in Ibiza.

During your stay, you will be sleeping in your tents inside the food forest. It is necessary that you bring your own tent and outside sleeping material. Please bring what you need to be comfortable sleeping outdoors.
Compost toilets and outdoor showers will serve our needs, and the forest provides many spaces for daily activities.
Also please bring plant-based fully biodegradable toiletry (shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, etc.) so the water of the shower and the sink doesn’t harm nature. If you don’t have any, we can provide you a toiletry kit for 6€.
The house on the farm provides us with a kitchen to cook our daily meals, which are healthy, mostly organic and self-grown, and vegan. If you have any allergies or intolerances, please inform us about it, so we can plan accordingly. It is our home and sacred space.
It is important for us to know that you agree in spending so many days in such a simple basic way of life.

In May, temperatures range from 13 to 24 degrees. During the month of May, Ibiza has an average rain rate, around 12 mm. The wind is hot and dry.

The first hours of the day will ensure you wake up quietly and with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 24°C. Most of the time the mornings are bright, the sky is only rarely covered, and with light clouds that dissipate quickly.
The temperature differences are slight during the day, as the temperature only rises a little. Because of this, you may experience some moderation throughout the day, especially if you are sensitive to cold. However, thanks to the absence of rain during the day, you can enjoy wonderful weather in Ibiza in May, when the sun will be shining.

More concrete Information on accommodation and food will be provided if you are chosen to participate.

Travel information 

Our farm is located at San Carles de Peralta (Zip code: 07850) a small village of Santa Eulàlia des Riu, in the north of Ibiza.

Travel tickets will be fully recovered up to 360€. You have to buy your own tickets and we will reimburse you after the training is being completed. 

More concrete information on Travel will be provided if you are chosen to participate. 

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