7 Days in Estonia – Apply now for this training opportunity, all expenses are covered

Call for Participants for a training course in Estonia about “Prevention Step by Step

Dates: From 9 to 17 of April 2022

Place: Harjumaa, Estonia



The topic of youth violence is of the big concerns among the youth workers, teachers and support workers on the global level. Children before their teens are frequent victims of domestic violence. The exact statistics are often hard to find, as around 60% of the presidents are left unreported or ‘swept under the carpet’.

Partner countries represented on this project have cultural elements that are fueling the expression of violent behaviours:

  • ●  Romania and Turkey are facing high level of domestic violence;

  • ●  Latvia and Estonia are having a background of ethnicity related conflicts;

  • ●  Italy, UK and Denmark have a long-lasting inner debate concerning the

    question of having a wide number of immigrants in the country, which is especially relevant throughout the Brexit campaign.

    Due to the relevance of the subject to the everyday work of the partners of this project – working with groups of young people, who are exposed or witness violence and abuse the idea was born to create a project to create/adapt/update methodology on prevention of abusive and violent behaviour among young people that would be effectively transferable to youth workers’ current work.

More detailed information in the PDF below:

To apply, please send an email to linda@crossingborders.dk regarding this and we will take it from there.

For more information or any questions , get in touch with Linda at linda@crossingborders.dk

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