Apply Now! 11-19 June 2022 – Training Course – Romania

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Dates: First trip: June 11-19 / Second trip: August: 6-14

Place: Bicycle, Lazareni, Bihor Romania

Fee: this trainman in its all phases is free of charge. However, to apply, you need to become a member of Crossing Borders (pay the annual membership fee) and pay 500 DKK administration fee. All other expenses including travel and accommodation will be covered by the project. 

Who can apply: 

  • Residence in Denmark
  • Works with youth, a youth leader, a social worker, NGO worker, Volunteer, community worker, etc.. 

Application Deadline: Sunday, June 5th, 2022 at 12:00 PM 

Give yourself time and space to grow and fly. In simple words, that’s what preventive education is about. Nevertheless, it takes time and practice to assimilate prevention work and to deliver it to your beneficiaries, and that’s what we plan to do in this project. This project aims at bringing preventive education as close as possible to the final beneficiaries of this concept, namely teenagers. We invite you to join an intensive educational process on preventive education that consists of three phases:

Phase 1: 11-19 June, Training Course in Romania. We will explore methods on preventive education and will discover others’ practice and expertise in addressing this topic with teenagers at a local level. We expect 3 participants / country.

Phase 2: 20 June – 1 August. Local activities in each country, using the methods experienced in the Training Course. To be discussed during the TC.

Phase 3: 6 – 14 August, YE in Romania with the youngsters who attended the local activities. One of the participants from the TC will be a national GL (Group Leader). Each national group is formed bye 4 pax + 1 GL. Each partner will select the group for the YE.

The goal of this activity is to equip you with a very good understanding of the impact created by the prevention work among teenagers and on how this concept should be delivered. We will cover many topics, such as development of addictions, cycle of addictions, principles of prevention work, creation of preventive educational methods, local transferability. You, as a participant, will be part of a great opportunity to collecting relevant methods, tools, principles and other elements from those who are involved in this field.


This TC (Training Course) is dedicated to professionals who are active in youth work, education, teaching, social work, support services for young people, psychologists, youth leaders, facilitators, trainers, etc., and have a clear interest in exploring the topic of preventive education in general, and prevention of substance abuse in particular.
For the TC we expect to have a group of motivated professionals who have experience in working with groups of youngsters and have organizational support for transferring the practice in their work. The working language will be English, therefore an average level of speaking, reading, and listening is desirable. Nevertheless, should any confirmed participant need support for translation and interpretation, we will be happy to assist with this aspect during the TC.

What is expected from you:

Homework: before arriving to the event, please prepare a research (no longer than one page), with the following elements:

  1. Describe what do you understand by `addiction`.

  2. Describe which do you consider that are the effects of tobacco/alcohol/cannabinoids on health, social and financial status (choose one substance).

  3. Indicate one national and EU programs on addictions implemented in your country.

Send the homework to the facilitation team before the first day of the Training Course. It will be used as a basis for the intercultural learning process.

Participation during the Training Course:

  1. Full attendance at sessions is mandatory and it is a condition for reimbursing of travel costs.

  2. Active involvement. During the week, you will be assigned with different roles that will stimulate the overall group dynamic. Stay tuned for more details☺

Follow-up activities: the participants at the Training Course are expected to initiate:

  1. Minimum one local workshop using the methods used in the TC with their groups, to collect feedback and provide pictures from the activities.

  2. Dissemination of the TC and the learning outcomes, including the visual elements of the project and Erasmus+ Programme. We need this contribution as part of the visibility of the project. Each participant is expected to contribute to minimum one dissemination activity (details to be provided during the TC).


Further practical information will be provided after the selection process of the participants is completed. 

Location: we will stay in a rural area named Bicăcel (Lăzăreni), în Bihor County, 30 km away from Oradea, the main city nearby. We will be hosted in new wooden houses, with 2-3-4 beds in one room (single person beds). Each house is equipped with one bathroom and all needed facilities.

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Do you have any question?

Write to the project coordinator Catherine Namuswe on and she will provide further information.