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With this goal in mind, to facilitate a civic contribution to strengthening accountable governance through building the capacity of CSOs and youth movements to conduct digitally-driven advocacy in Zambia, Crossing Borders (CB) and Transparency International Zambia (TI-Z) are putting hand in hand in a common project funded by CISU.

The project’s purpose is to capacity build other civil society actors in Zambia on the use of digital tools, this will happen by achieving those 3 main objectives:  

  • Conduct evidence-based analysis of the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on civic engagement as well as identification and utilization of civic engagement opportunities created by the change of government in Zambia.
  • Strengthen the capacity of CSOs and youth groups to apply digital tools in their work.
  • Facilitate collaboration between CSOs and youth groups in conducting digitally-driven advocacy for improved transparency and accountable governance through holding government and duty bearers accountable.

The project mainly will work with Youths, CSOs, and the media in four districts in Zambia (Lusaka, Choma, Ndola, and Kabwe) 

  • Youths, including local-level youth groups, as well as Secondary school and Tertiary level students. 
  • CSOs, at a local level and focus on community engagement, governance, civic education, and accountable governance.
  • Media, including journalists and other media partitioners working for Radio, Television, and Print media houses. 

Stay tuned for more news from this project. 

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