Democracy Hubs Ukraine 

The main purpose of the project is to contribute to providing Ukrainian youth with a platform for peaceful and active participation in the democratic development of the country. The Hubs will serve as dynamic focus platforms where youth can meet and engage in public affairs by learning and by debating current youth-related issues in stimulating spaces for democratic education among youth and inspire the present and future youth leaders of the country to be an active part of solving current societal challenges. In short, the Hubs aim at increasing youth interests in society, politics, democracy, independent media, human rights, environment, and to enhance youth leadership and active citizenship. The core project activities for the youth include training courses, dialogue cafés, seminars, workshops, online courses, regional debate camps, a national debate camp, and a panel debate trip to Denmark.

The partnership between CB and the KF builds on the one we established in 2020 to create an enabling, safe space for youth in the Democracy Hub Kyiv project funded by CISU. KF has received positive feedback from the youth and other organizations that have been involved in the project – a good indicator that the project was needed and well designed. This project will expand on the previous good experiences of facilitating youth friendly Hub and collaborating with other stakeholders. As the purpose of the project is to strengthen youth civic engagement, the success will be measured regarding how this experience is translated into youth civic engagement in the affairs of society. The project also aims to strengthen collaboration between Ukraine and Denmark in various fields, especially youth. Towards this goal, we intend to reach out to and seek collaboration and mutual learning, coordination, and exchange of better practices.

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