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Controlling Population in Developing Countries – A War Against Women

The deadly mass sterilization in India has sparked outrage worldwide. In a surgery spree, more than 80 women were submitted to the procedure in less than 5 hours, all done by the same doctor. Dozens of women have become ill from which 14 have already died. Population growth control is a controversial topic, especially when it comes to the developing world, where population reduction seems to hold the key to ending poverty. But is it really that simple?

What a Fence Doesn’t Resolve – When Human Rights Crash with Immigration Policy

Many French people cannot remember when the immigration problem started in Calais. This is not a new issue, but sometimes it appears in a sudden way and we are aware because the tension is unbearable or it coincides with other related European matters. We could see in the news, just to bring one random episode as an example, how hundreds of African people were asking to cross the famous fence while a big group of policemen waited on the other side. When the migrants tried to get through, they were attacked with pepper spray – that was the end of the gathering.

The Plight of the Syrians

One of these days, I was in a train station in Budapest when a Syrian man talked to me. His nationality is the only thing I could get because he didn’t speak English. He asked me about one word in his language and I tried to guess with gestures what he meant. It was very frustrating because I couldn’t after a while. There was guard of the station walking around and I asked him for help. Damn, he didn’t speak English either. But in his way to talk, I believed understanding the problem of this Syrian was a typical one and many of them had had the same request for the last time. I said sorry for not to be able to help and I left hoping the guard help the Syrian, but after 2 minutes, I saw the guard in other far place. So I don’t think so.

Men in Feminism: Friend or Foe?

Emma Watson’s UN speech called men to join the feminist movement, stating that gender inequalities are a problem of us all. This however has sparked discussions within the feminist community, bringing up the topic of male feminism again. Can a man truly be a feminist? What are the implications of being a male feminist?