Sofia Steiger 

My first encounter with Crossing Borders was in 2007 and the cooperation ever since has had a great influence on my life. I have gained friends and contacts from all over the world and it has broadened my horizons and increased my awareness. The value of nonformal education cannot be measured by grades or in financial terms. The learning that takes place in the encounter of people in a space for dialogue is far more profound. As a national coordinator I will be able to provide opportunities for similar learning experiences to more young people in Tampere and Finland. Getting to know people from around the world strips prejudices, develops empathy and deepens the understanding that there are no “their” problems in this global village. It is essential that we stop identifying ourselves through othering and see ourselves as citizens of the world. It will be my joy and honor to mediate opportunities for youth to grow into stronger, more educated and empowered versions of their own selves.