MICHIYO TERASAKI – I’m Michi from Japan. I’ve been working for more than 15 years at mainly advertising field and had been working in the advertising section of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) World News in Japan for 6 years. Then I quit my job in 2016 to join Crossing borders course at Krogerup from spring 2017 to study Global study and also do CB writer internship. There are many reasons why I quit my job and join CB, but the main thing is to look back on our current society in Japan and think about what we can do for the next generation. Japan is now suffered from many problems such as too much hard work for work(so-called Karoushi(Death from overwork)) and school, low rate of birth and marriage, economic gaps… We’ve been developing after WW2 so rapidly and are already in another stage but still couldn’t find the way to go, for these so-called “Lost Decades” which will be almost 30 yrs. I personally believe it’s time for us to focus on “Quality of Life” growth more than just “Quantity(Economic) of life” growth. Therefore, I want to learn a lot from Denmark which is home base of CB and known as high-welfare and one of the most democratic countries, and from all over the world also at Crossing Borders global study course. 

The reason why I want to become a national coordinator for CB is to learn more about what’s going on in the world, which you can feel a lot stronger through CB members from each county and also be able to see more about Japan with a global perspective by connecting Japan and the world. 

My vision for Crossing Borders is to realize real democracy all over the world. I think democracy is “not build in a day” and even though if you reach it once, you still need to keep it since there is always up and down to the authority. Therefore, we need to corporate together to share your knowledge and care for each other. 

Email: tera_rin@hotmail.com