Roberto D. Nicolasora – In 2009, I had the opportunity to join one of the courses in Crossing Borders, the Climate Ambassador Course. It was an exceptional experience of being one among international participants representing almost 80 countries.  The space for sharing current and developing world issues on inclusion, climate change, global warming, environmental landscape, politics, peace, democracy, and the arts, all relevantly woven within the thread of cultural exchange broadened my perception of one’s country, people and their way of doing things.  I believe that Crossing Borders serves as a catalyst for change, the underlying mission of its advocacy. 

My immediate vision is to encourage and assist interested youth and people involve in education work to experience the Crossing Border way.  I have a firm belief that the experience will open their limited awareness on issues of inclusivity and increasingly develop a sense of better understanding of people confronted with the bigger and complex situation other than being disabled. I am a living testimony of this experience.  It paved the way to enhance my attitude towards listening and empathy, helpful consideration to understand better about education work.