Monk Owen – My country is a multi-cultural country, which is built on 135 ethnics group speaking different dialog. The country itself is full of resources but lack of opportunities for its citizen due to the brutal military ruling for many decades. We dare not to complain or speak anything about military because; anyone who goes against the military will be in prison. 

The training courses I got from CB were totally different from what I used. I feel I am a lucky person that I got a chance to participate in the Crossing Borders global studies course for the whole year of 2013. It helps my life and my community. Since I came back from Denmark, I use the idea of CB to educate children in my community. I already provided more than 300 students global study course, learning about peace and conflict resolution, project cycle management so the youth become mobilized and start implementing community development in their respective areas. I think this is the best time and chance for me to join CB family to share, my belief, trust, understanding, and respect across the globe.