Defining the Problem

For most young people, we have moved past the question of whether we find ourselves in an ecological and climate emergency or not, and onto the question of how we fix it. However, in an increasingly globalized world, finding solutions can be difficult and distant. In this workshop, we will make this topic more accessible and concrete. Together with students we will  explore  possible  solutions  on  how   to   take  an   action,  and   make  a   difference   in the students’ own lives, in their local environment, and in the world.

Meet real-life Clima-Activists

The students will get the opportunity to meet real-life climate activists and green- entrepreneurs, and listen to their stories of how they found a way to make a change in their local environment. In this process, the students will be able to question, explore, and gain the basic tools of how to begin the process of including an environmental perspective in their lives,   whether they are eager to become a climate activist, entrepreneur, or something  else. They will learn how they can make a difference, and why that difference matters.

Practical Activities

The workshop will also dive into some of the complexities and critiques of the climate change movement, Denmark’s role in the crisis, and various possible solutions. These will be explored through the methods of group work, quizzes, debate, dilemma games, and role- play.

SUGGESTED SUBJECTS: Social science, Economics, History, Geography, and English

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