Racism & Migration

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night. Loud noises and screams everywhere.

And, in the cover of darkness, with only a moment’s notice, having to leave the place you call home. Leaving behind everything you have ever known. Forced out on a journey, where you risk your life and the life of your family. Having to go endure days upon days in the unapologetic, vast, seemingly endless desert of sand or water, while the sun slowly burns away at your bare skin.

Effects of migrations

This is the experience that millions of migrants have to go through every single year just to find a place that can call home, where they feel safe, and have access to basic needs.

This is the experience of crossing borders.

But, what about the life beyond this journey? The discrimination? The cultural differences? Are they even allowed to stay in the new country? How must it feel to be without a country, without a place you can call home? How does that influence your identity? What happens to the people, who do not have access to basic human rights or citizenship?

Learning Methods

This workshop offers a combination of life stories, role-play, poetry, storytelling, and other creative and playful methods, this workshop will explore the lives of people “lost and found” in between the borders of our world. We will hear authentic stories from the people who have experienced this journey and the struggles along the journey itself, and once they have arrived.


SUGGESTED SUBJECTS: English, Social Science, and Danish

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