Food For Thought!

Telling Stories Through Food

At Crossing Borders, we believe that stories are best conveyed over good food. Therefore, This workshop is aimed at educating students about the United Nations sustainable development goals three and twelve, health and well- being, and responsible production and consumption, through the art of cooking. These workshops will be facilitated in part by guest chefs who will share their stories and knowledge about responsible consumption and production, zero waste, ECO entrepreneurship, global nutrition, and health and well being, as mentioned above.

Good Health and Well-Being

In this workshop, students will learn about the importance of eating healthy and how this contributes to good health and well being, both mental and physical. During the workshop, a demonstration of how to make healthy and easy meals will take place in which guest chefs will prepare a dish that both reflects their culture as well as the SDG number three.

Sustainability in our Everyday Lives

Another aspect of this workshop comes from SDG number twelve, responsible consumption and production. During the workshop, we will examine how to cook sustainable meals that come from responsibly sourced products, as well as how to shop for sustainable items and what to look for on packaging to ensure it is sustainably produced. This workshop comes with plenty of opportunities and activities to keep the students engaged and actively participating while tasting amazing food at the same time.

*This is a limited workshop (coming to an end in May 2021) and therefore the amount of these workshops available are on a first-come-first-served basis.

SUGGESTED SUBJECTS: Social science, Economics, History, Geography, and English

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