Women, Climate and Vulnerability: What’s the Link and What can be Done about it?

A Student Research and Crossing Borders Collab

We are all aware of the increasing impact climate change is having on our lives, from the direct effects of natural disasters and increasing temperatures to the other sometimes more long-lasting effects on health and well-being – but it’s time to recognise that these impacts are felt differently amongst different social groups! Women are at higher risk of suffering from the negative effects of climate change and are therefore more vulnerable to climate change. Knowing how they are vulnerable and what we can do to address it are some important questions that we hope to answer with the help of Crossing Borders in our research project.

Our research group is made up of three students from Roskilde University studying International Studies. Jessica has roots in Liberia and Denmark while Ringisai and Raramai have lived experiences in Indonesia, Australia and southern Africa, our combined experiences mean we’ve seen how climate change can affect women differently globally. So, this topic is both important and personal to us as a group. Our research aims to understand ideas of resilience, risk and vulnerability in the context of climate change and gender.

We are very excited to collaborate with Crossing Borders as a partner for our research project, not only because they have insights into how organisations respond to gendered climate vulnerability, but also because like us they believe in empowering youth to be the change they want to see in the world. This topic is increasingly relevant as international climate change initiatives become more critical of their actions and have started to look at the additional vulnerabilities that women face to climate change. Organisations such as Crossing Boarders are great case studies because of their emphasis on youth, inclusion and diversity.

For more information on the impact of climate change, and what forms of gendered climate action that exist

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