An auction by the Change Makers to raise money for Crossing Borders!

Silkeborg Højskole is situated in the heart of Jutland right in the middle of the Det midtjyske Søhøjland district. The school is a modern Danish folk high school, where they consider international participation to be an important aspect, and each term they welcome students from various geographical and cultural backgrounds.
A Danish folk high school is an adult boarding school, and it is a place where you involve yourself strongly in a social fellowship and encounter committed and highly skilled teachers.

The Change Makers

Change Makers is Silkeborg Højskole’s international main
subject, focusing on leadership, international cooperation, conflict resolution, and in general being able to make a change in both local areas and the global community. They are an international line so the class this semester has students from Denmark, Japan, the USA, Australia, Luxembourg, and Belgium. They are all like-minded individuals in the sense that they want to learn skills to be able to make a change, but they all bring different perspectives to the class, both from their different cultures, but also different personalities, which they can all learn from. Their names are Niamh De Burca (Lux), Ariane Orban (Bel), Daijiro Skaki (Japan), Emma Sofia Jansen (Dk), Lilly Smith (Aus), Maeve Balavender (USA), Nanna Clemmesen (Dk), Rapaël Victor Dewitte (Bel), Søren Bjerg (Dk).

The idea behind the Auction

Change Maker group recently fundraised 21.888 DKK for Crossing Borders through one of their activities.

They held an auction in which they wanted to both raise money for an organization of their choice, but also create an opportunity for their group to learn about project management and teamwork, as well as improve their skills in these areas. It was both an individual and group learning experience for all of them.

They chose Crossing Borders because they felt the values aligned with what they learn in their class and the whole point of their line. Their belief as a class is that young people are the way forward and that providing them with tools such as leadership skills, project management and just generally empowering them is the best way to make a change in society, all across the Globe. As Crossing Borders provides a platform for this it seemed like an obvious choice for them to support it.

Because they have a shorter term due to the Covid-19, they aren’t able to do many more projects, but they hope to do one more before their term ends. However, their future plans are either to do a project at the school based on intercultural learning, with things such as food and games, or perhaps a few small projects around the school, focused on sustainability, e.g., food waste or water consumption. In terms of theory work their class will focus more on working as a group on how to be a good leader and a good group member. They also hope to spend some time getting to further explain niche parts of their cultures to the rest of their class and work on intercultural communication skills.

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