What did the Danish Minister of Development do at the Ubuntu House?

On the 10th of September 2021, the Danish Minister of International Development Flemming Møller Mortensen paid a visit to the Ubuntu House during which he met and listened keenly to the work and conditions of the small and medium-size civil society organisations in Denmark, as well as the challenges they are experiencing due to reduced opportunities to obtain salary and operational funds in the public pools and among the funds.

On behalf of the small and medium size Civil Society Organisations Network, Camilly Legendre from 100% for Children, Anne Egelund from Ubumi, Garba Diallo and Vibeke Quaade from Crossing Borders, and Jacob Holdt the founder of Ubuntu House have welcomed the Minister into the Ubuntu House.

In his welcome remarks, CB Director Garba Diallo made the point that the Ubuntu House embodies a true sense of community and walking the talks of dialogue every day towards intercultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Thus, the Ubuntu House is both a rich knowledge center, a community center, a hospitality center, and a sanctuary for all those who yearn for community, inclusion, and respect, as we all do.

Welcome remarks were followed by strong presentations by the Director of Ubumi Prisons Initiative Anne Egelund, the Director of 100% for Children Camilla Legendre, and CB Board Chair Vibeke Quaade.

After a powerful summary of the vital role paid by the grassroots organisations, the increasingly tough conditions they operate under, the Minister made the following remarks:

“… I am very responsive. I thought your presentation was greatly precise, not only describing who you reach out to and who you are but also including a great summary of what it takes in this country for you to be here. I can also say that when we have written in the strategy how essential partnerships are, it is also because we are aware that we must stimulate and keep supporting it. I mean, we have CISU, and CISU must be able to do this. I hear your challenges. I will try to take it into account in an attempt to see if there’s anything that can and should be different… “

The visit was concluded with a moving presentation by photographer Jacob Holdt, who described the history of the Ubuntuhuset. Jacob Holdt is one of the essential supporters of the work of the smaller organisations, as he makes premises available in central Copenhagen. The minister expressed his gratitude for Jacob Holdt’s generosity and stated that he wanted to maintain contact with small and medium-sized civil society organisations.

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