Food for Thought- Alex Sabour

Award Winning Creative Director, filmmaker and storyteller with a strong background in Marketing strategy, copywriting, social media producer, we are so delighted to have Alex Sabour as our next guest speaker at the Crossing Borders Food for Thought. He is a speaker who does not need introduction. Alex is the founder of Gorilla Media in Denmark which has won 79 awards for its campaign videos and other insightful media production. Alex’ video ‘Jeg er Dansk’ has over 2 million views and went viral in just within 24 hours. He is also a passionate humanitarian campaigner with special focus on the rights and wellbeing of children across the globe. This resulted in him raising 10 million DKK for UNICEF.

A graduate of the entrepreneurial Chaos Pilot college in Aarhus, Alex has a strong background in creative social media and film production. Alex’s groundbreaking social media content has truly innovated social media content and approaches in Danish media branch. Besides being a former member of Crossing Borders advisory board, Alex is TED Speaker

Look forward to a true food for thought on 10 November with Alex Sabour at the UNION Cultural House, Norre Alle 7 2200 København N

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