Empowered Girls Dialogue (EGD) II: Giving girls a voice for change through community dialogue.

EGD II builds on the previous CISU funded project Empowered Girls Dialogue (EGD): Facilitating girls’ leadership and community outreach. The purpose of the EGD II project is to allow marginalized Moroccan teen girls to gain a voice within their communities. A voice that drives change to detrimental practices toward girls and women in Morocco.

 The project development objective is, to positively impact detrimental practices against Moroccan teen girls at the community level, such as, sexual harassment, forced dropping out of school, and forced early marriageThe core focus of this project is directed toward expanding the Community Dialogue activity, and making them a strong advocacy tool. The Community Dialogue meetings will be led by the teen girls and the activity aim is to give the girls a formal voice within their communities.

Through the implementation of EGD II the poor and marginalized Moroccan teen girls in the project will be empowered with civic engagement competencies that will encourage them to solve community problems and engage other youths for civic engagement and participation.

Project Objectives:

1. Empower teen girls and enhance their leadership skills to become decision-makers, active civic participants and advocates for their futures. 

2. Give the teen girls a voice within their community against repressive customs and ideologies.

Project Impact:
225 soar girls beneficiaries
27 Soar Dialogues held
10 Soar Clubs launched
18 Women facilitators activated in 10 sites
259 Soar empowerment workshops conducted across 10 sites
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